BISTECCA CON CIPOLLE: steak with onion 10,70
BISTECCA PIZZAIOLA: steak with souce of tomato, garlic, anchovies, capers, parsley 11,90
ENTRECOTE AL PEPE: entrecot with pepper sauce 18,00
ENTRECOTE AI FUNGHI: entrecot with mushroom sauce 18,00
ENTRECOTE GORGONZOLA: entrecot with Gorgonzola sauce 18,00
SCALOPPINE BOLOGNESE: loin of pork with ham, cheese, bolognese sauce 11,90
SCALOPPINE AL PEPE: loin of pork with pepper sauce 9,95
SCALOPPINE AI FUNGHI: loin of pork with mushroom sauce 9,95
SCALOPPINE GORGONZOLA: loin of pork with Gorgonzola sauce 9,95
SCALOPPINE MILANESA: breaded chicken fillets 8,95

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17252 - St. Antoni
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